➑️How to Upgrade from FLX to SEDA

This guide walks you through the steps to upgrade your FLX to SEDA Token.

WARNING: The upgrade of FLX Tokens to SEDA Tokens entails a permanent burn of FLX Tokens. This upgrade process is irreversible, meaning that it is impossible to restore FLX tokens once they have been burned. Users are urged to consider this action carefully and ensure it aligns with their intentions before proceeding.

DISCLAIMER: SEDA will not be held liable for any and all, direct or indirect, damages related to the use of, the misuse of, or the inability to use, the SEDA Tokens under any cause or action whatsoever of any kind. SEDA expressly disclaims any liability for the upgrade process from FLX to SEDA. All connected technologies, tools, and interfaces involved in the upgrade process are open-source, provided as is, without any representations or warranties. It is important to note that any actions leading to the loss of funds during or resulting from this upgrade process are the sole responsibility of the user. Users are encouraged to review and understand the functionality and security of these technologies prior to engaging in the upgrade process. This documentation is for informational purposes only and does not constitute tax, legal, or financial advice. No representations or warranties are made with respect to the tax, legal, or financial implications associated with the conversion of FLX to SEDA tokens.

Upgrading from FLX to SEDA

Ensure the URL is correct - https://upgrade.seda.xyz

Step 1: Enter in the desired amount of tokens you wish to upgrade from FLX to SEDA.

Step 2: Select β€œAPPROVE” to generate a transaction to sign with your Ethereum wallet, which will allow the Upgrade Application to interact with your FLX Tokens.

Step 3: Select β€œSUBMIT” to submit the transaction and begin the upgrade process. This process will send the selected amount of FLX to the burn address on Ethereum, and send the corresponding amount on the SEDA Chain, on a 1-1 basis.

Step 4: Your transaction has been submitted and the process usually takes around 64 Ethereum blocks or about ~10 minutes to complete. You can see the status of your transaction on the left and your transaction history on the right.

If you need support please visit our Support and FAQs page: Support and FAQs

Step 5: Congratulations, you now own SEDA! You are one step closer to help secure the SEDA Network! πŸŽ‰ To delegate to a SEDA Chain Validator, please follow the docuemntation below!

🌌pageDelegating your SEDA

For future reference, you can always refer to your transaction history of previous Upgrade transactions!

To submit additional transfers to additional SEDA addresses, please follow the steps in this guide with a different SEDA address selected.

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