๐Ÿ“กDelegating to a Validator

How to delegate your SEDA to a Validator in the SEDA Network

Disclaimer: Please be advised that in order to secure the network and protect against attacks, there is a 21-day unbonding period when un-delegating from a Validator. If you wish to simply switch Validators, this change can be done instantly. At the launch of SEDA Chain, there is no inflation. Note that inflation could be turned on at a later stage via Validator proposal and execution. SEDA will not be held liable for any and all, direct or indirect, damages related to the use of, the misuse of, or the inability to use, the SEDA Tokens under any cause or action whatsoever of any kind

Step One: Connect your wallet to the SEDA Keplr Dashbaord

We are aware of a bug present when delegating through Keplr. This is currently being fixed and should be released soon. In the meantime please use the open source SEDA Explorer for delegation here: https://sedaprotocol.github.io/test-explorer/mainnet/staking

Step Two: Select a Validator from the available list for your delegation under "All Validators"

Note: If you select a validator that already controls over 5% of the total circulating token supply you will be promoted with a warning to consider delegating to a different Validator. This ensures fair distribution across the SEDA Network, and healthy decentralization of voting power.

Step 3: Once you've selected your desired Validator, more information will be provided about the specific parameters for delegating, including Comssion, Expected APR, Voting Power, and Unbonding Period. Simply enter in the "Amount to Stake" in SEDA and select "Stake".

WARNING: Make sure to leave at least 1 SEDA in your wallet for future transactions, such as Undelegate, Claim Rewards, or Redelegate.

Step 4: After selecting Stake, a Keplr window will pop up to confirm the transaction

Step 5: Congratulations! ๐ŸŽ‰ You just did your part to help secure the SEDA Network! You will see information about your rewards and delegation on the Keplr Dashboard.

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