๐ŸŽฌInstallation and System Requirements

SEDA is an open-source data transmission and computation network that enables a permissionless environment for developers to deploy data feeds. It is built on top of Cosmos SDK and CosmWasm.


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System Requirements

The current minimal system requirements are as follows and may be subject to change based on future improvements:

  • Quad Core or larger AMD or Intel (amd64) CPU

    • ARM CPUs (e.g., Apple M1) are discouraged at this time

  • 32GB RAM (with ample swap space)

  • 1TB SSD Storage

  • 100MBPS bidirectional internet connection

Running SEDA on lower-spec hardware is feasible, but you may encounter potential performance issues or an increased risk of crashes.

Download From Releases

Download from our Github releases page.

Build From Source

Please check out developing. License Contents of this repository are open source under GNU General Public License v3.0.

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