💻SEDA Technical Roadmap

Unveiling the SEDA technical roadmap: From Mainnet Beta v0.1 → Mainnet v1.0.

Disclaimer: Timelines and version design are subject to change without notice and some version of SEDA Testnet may be worked on in parallel.

SEDA Mainnet Beta V0.1

  • SEDA Chain

  • FLX to SEDA Upgrade

  • +100 Validators

  • 134m+ $SEDA staked

  • Custom and Open-Source Explorer live

SEDA Testnet v0.2 | Modules, Contracts & Overlay

v0.02 release timeline: 4 weeks

  • Deploy first modules for POC partners.

  • Launch single overlay node run by SEDA.

  • Data Request tally implemented for data aggregation.

  • SEDA core contracts execute DR request settlement on-chain.

SEDA Testnet v0.2.1 | Proxy Node Deployment

Proxy nodes allow data providers to make any data available via one query point, removing the need for new API smart contracts for individual data sets. This version marks the first data provider integration with testnet.

SEDA Testnet v0.3 | Solvers & Destination Chains

  • Prover contracts will be deployed on the first destination chains, Base and Ethereum, with Solana and NEAR following close behind.

  • A single SEDA solver will relay inbound DRs and results between destination chains and the SEDA Network.

SEDA Testnet v0.4 | Decentralize Overlay Nodes

The Overlay Network will be upgraded with additional infrastructure to support permissonless node deployment with a target of 100K nodes for the mainnet upgrade.

SEDA Testnet v0.5 | Decentralize The Solver Network

Tamper-resistance mechanisms will be added to the Solver Network for security. This version will allow anyone to deploy a Solver and begin communicating inbound DRs and returning results on the SEDA testnet.

SEDA Testnet v0.6 | Incentivization & Scalability

The incentive mechanics will go live following the decentralization of the Overlay and solver Networks, allowing anyone to deploy a node or solver and be rewarded for their participation.

Testnet v0.7 & v0.8 | Testing Stability & Code Freeze

With all features in place and POC partnerships issuing DRs, the SEDA team will do final network testing followed by a code freeze and audit.

SEDA Mainnet v1.0 | Upgrading To A Complete Mainnet

  • Mainnet upgrade goes live with all POC partners integrated and issuing DRs.

  • Vote for SEDA Network Inflation.

  • Rewards for Network Participation.

  • Multiple Modules Live.

  • Complete permissionless integration available.

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