SEDA Network

Node Operators

Node Operators looking to earn SEDA can spin up a validator, fisherman, or data request resolver node and join the decentralized network supporting the next generation of Web3 protocols.


Validators secure the main chain by staking SEDA tokens, participating in consensus, and generating cryptographic proofs for the multi-chain support. Once an appropriate request is found, validators can configure their node to satisfy the request and start getting paid in SEDA tokens for their services.

Data Request Resolvers

Data resolvers are nodes that are randomly and anonymously selected to retrieve information from one or more sources. Their outcomes are transformed, aggregated, and reduced into a single data output which can be consumed by any subchain protocol.


Fishermen monitor the network and report malicious behavior from the validators and bridges. Anyone can perform the fisherman role to help protect the system against main chain validators double signing and bridge nodes from relaying non-existent data requests.